10 to 20 Seconds to a more in-depth look

How are you using the “above the fold” area of your resume? This is the prime real estate of your resume and if you are using it for blah, blah, blah; then don’t expect much in the way of results.

You have 10 to 20 seconds to catch the readers attention and move your resume to the “I need to take a closer look pile”. Are you meeting that objective?

I see so many resumes that start out “Over (insert number) years experience managing blah, blah, blah blah. Big deal, what have you  really told the reader: NOTHING? Did you manage things into the ground or grow them? The fact is you haven’t told me anything different than 50 or 100 other people.

Make sure you open with a position title that matches the job posting if you are replying to a posting. Don’t leave it up to the recruiter to determine what you want; make it clear. Maybe what you want they don’t need, so let’s figure that out right away so no one’s time is wasted.

Next move to a career highlights section that really speaks to what you have done and what the new employer can expect. Don’t waste the space with blah, blah, blah. Emphasize one highlight from your two most recent employers and then one or two from other employers and make sure that they can tie this experience back to a listed work experience. Use PAR statements (What Problem did you identify, what Action did you take, and what Result did you achieve). Don’t give information and then fail to tie it into the body of your resume. If you have been recognized or received awards you can place one of those here as well so it will lead the reader to the bottom of your resume.

If you can tell me that you “Identified production overrun problems, implemented lean manufacturing techniques, and reduced overruns by 42%. If I’m looking for a plant manager that speaks to me, especially if I’m having problems with production overruns.

Or “Identified new market for aging product line that increased sales 28% and extended product life by three years.” That speaks to me, because you don’t accept what others are saying. You are making lemonade out of lemons.

The third section is your chronological experience. You may want to do functional, don’t! The majority of recruiters that I have talked with do not like functional resumes; there is a feeling that you are hiding something.

With everything you put in your resume follow it up by asking so what! If you can’t come up with a good answer it’s probably a candidate for removal.

Always remember that the job of the resume is to first and foremost get you an interview.


Move On!

First lesson – all recruiters are different and each has their own list of things they look for. If the recruiter reading your resume has some special nuances, then it’s a crap shoot as to whether your resume will receive much attention. This is a fact, there is nothing you can do to change that, so get over it and Move On!

Second lesson – some recruiters are simply jerks and you can’t change that. Move On!

Third lesson – some recruiters will like your resume and some won’t. Too bad, so sad, move on.

Fourth lesson – don’t get wrapped up in the emotions of the process. It is a process, it is nothing personal, and there is nothing you can do to change it, so Move On!

Fifth lesson – so they said no. You didn’t lose anything because you didn’t have it in the first place; Move On!

Sixth lesson – they didn’t even respond to say they received your resume or filled the position. Unfortunately there is no dependable etiquette in this process, so get over it and Move On!

Seventh lesson – it just seems like you are wasting your time and no one is interested. You don’t have time for a personal or at least prolonged pitty party – Move On!

Hello world!

Hey everyone – This is my new blog on resumes.

I’ve seen lots of resumes since I was called to be the Lake Oswego, Oregon Stake Employment Specialist two years ago. Some are good, some are okay, and some are just awful. My intent is not to hurt anyone’s feelings; my intent is to help you get a new opportunity.

Having been one of the uber unemployed at various points and personally having some of the worst resumes you could imagine; I know how hard it can be. I also know how hard it is to get honest input about your resume.

My goal is not to make friends or enemies; again my goal is to help you get a job. I do feel that in my role I can be honest. If you don’t like what I say and you take it personally that’s okay. It’s not my intent, but it’s still okay. I want you to take a critical look at your resume and determine if it is serving you.

Last year I read a book by Nicholas Boothman called “How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds”. In the book he talks about KFC; no not Kentucky Fried Chicken but a process he calls KFC.

K = Know what you want.

F = Find out what you are getting.

C = Change what you are doing until you get what you want.

Your resume is supposed to get you interviews; if it doesn’t then it’s not doing its job and you need to change it.

If your resume is getting you interviews but for the wrong type of jobs; then again it’s not doing the job.

Either way you need to change what you are doing so you can get what you want and interview.

If you are getting interviews but not the job, then again you need to take the KFC approach, but that will be a topic for another blog.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and input. Tell me about the topics you would like addressed and either I will do it or I will bring in someone with that expertise.

I look forward to hearing about your successes and lessons learned. Let’s keep this an interactive site. As the moderator or site owner I reserve the right to delete things that I feel are offensive or not in keeping with the intent of the site.

There are jobs to be had, there are opportunities to pursue, and you will be successful if you believe in yourself.

Happy Job Hunting!