The Value of Your LinkedIn Connections

The Value of Your LinkedIn Connections.

Here are four ideas that you can put to use immediately to make LinkedIn work for you.

  • The use of keywords in your profile, job titles, summary, current position, etc are key to great search results. Make those keywords consistent as long as they do not change the accuracy of your profile. If you were an IT Security Consultant; you should try to avoid having other entries as an IT Security Project Manager. The repetitiveness of the keywords will raise your Search Ranking and therefore your placement in the results. Read my Blog Post The Value of Using Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Build your connections – when you add LinkedIn connections you are increasing your sphere of influence. Your LinkedIn connections are just the tip of the iceberg; you know the part that is out of the water. As with icebergs, the strength lies in the part that you cannot see. If you have 100 of your own connections you are connected to a several thousand below the water line.
  • LinkedIn’s search capabilities are an untapped resource for most job seekers. For a simple¬†experiment¬†go to the search box, pull down and select companies, and click search. I guarantee you will be amazed at the number of companies that come up. You will only see those where you have contacts of current or previous employees. Next select a company and look at the details. You will find the names and level of contact for each of those companies. You can also find the open positions within that company.
  • For the companies that you have targeted; look at the profiles of current employees and find out the groups they have joined. Join the groups and be an active participant so your name has the opportunity to get in front of the current employees. If you see something in the news about that company; you can use this group connection as a means to reach out to the individuals and share what you have learned. Just because they work for the company does not mean they hear all the news. A good way to get the latest is by setting up a Google alert on the company and even key employees.
  • Stay tuned for more ideas on how you can use LinkedIn or other Social Networking sites to enhance your job search.